Making a difference with young drivers

February 4, 2012 at 6:01 pm | Category: Uncategorized

OK it’s time for your child to get a learners permit and you ask yourself “what have I done to prepare him/her for this”. You’ve probably had the time in the car talking about how to drive safely, or you may be at a loss on where to start. Do you take time to talk about an accident you drive by or see reported on television? Remember when you first began driving, and now fast forward to today. What changes have there been since your first time driving without mom or dad?

Some things remain the same such as speed kills, fixed object rarely move, and seat belts save lives, but much has changed since then. The most significant changes are technology related. Cells phones, audio systems, vehicle components, texting, twittering, face booking, compete with what was once simply talking. The in vehicle noise level is powered by woofers and sub-woofers, with distractions increasing every year.
As with anything in life your child will be making decisions, and learning from the consequences of good or bad choices. And you only hope that you have done everything possible to prepare for this decision- making in your absence.
An asset you might want to use in preparing your child could very well be your insurance agent. Your agent should be able to spend time with you and your child discussing insurance and the financial aspects to safe driving.

As an insurance agent and former fire captain/paramedic I offer this service to my clients. Our conversation is based on my time on the streets responding to vehicle accidents involving young drivers. We talk about human anatomy, designs of vehicles, and what occurs during an accident. We talk about the value of good decision-making, and life altering consequences of bad decisions. We talk about the impact of good vs bad decisions. We talk about the personal impact concerning health and quality of life. We review photos of vehicle accidents and discuss important learning points. We use play money and talk about the financial impact of unsafe driving, and the components of personal auto insurance. We talk about liability, responsibility, accountability, and how something as simple as littering resulted in a suspended license.

Some of what I discuss is simply repeating what you have already covered with your new driver, but it comes from another source when your agent reinforces what you are trying to say. Hearing safe driving philosophy from a second source with my background, simply adds to your efforts to fully prepare your child to handle driving a vehicle.

If you have an interest in this free community service, please call me to schedule a visit. Even if you aren’t a current customer of my agency I would be glad to make a difference with someone you care about. I also offer this to small groups, should you have a group of young people who might benefit from a program like this. Think about it now, before you ask yourself later “what else could I have done to prepare my child to drive safely”?

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