This Season Give the Gift of Peace of Mind

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Do you have children or grandchildren under age 18 that you’ll be buying for this holiday season? This year, wouldn’t you like to give them a lasting gift – one that really matters?

Consider life insurance. With Grange Life’s First Step term life insurance, you can get $25,000 of immediate coverage on children aged 15 days through 17 years that can last through age 30 – for just $70 per year.

Plus, First Step can be converted to $50,000 in permanent coverage later without any further medical questions. Best of all, it’s quick and easy to apply and no medical exams are needed.

This is really important should the child become uninsurable due to a medical condition later in life.

This can help address student loans that parents co-sign for, in the event of the death of a child.

Give us a call today to give a gift of life insurance.

Death & Taxes the two certainties in life……………….

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Sitting at a red light on Rt 460 yesterday I watched a car (which had the green light) drive across in front of me. Just as it cleared the lane to my left a tractor trailer blew through the red light running about 50 MPH. No checking up, no application of brakes, the driver never knew what had happened. If the truck had been in my lane my life would have been over. It made me think of my life insurance and how it will take care of my family when I die. Death and taxes are the two certainties we all face. Are you certain your family is financially secure should you die suddenly? Call us today to review your life insurance needs and develop strategies to protect your loved ones.

Nine times to contact your insurance agent to review coverages

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As our lives change, so do our insurance needs. Letting us know about changes can ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage.

Here are some examples of when to check your coverage:
You’re remodeling or building an addition to your property. When you hire the contractor, request a certificate of insurance to confirm their liability and workers’ compensation coverages. Review the certificate and your homeowners policy with our agency. In some cases, remodeling projects can increase your home’s reconstruction cost.

Your teen starts driving. If a teenager in your home is learning how to drive, that means you’ll soon need to help them purchase insurance. We can guide you through the process, find the best way to add them to your policy and provide materials about safe driving behavior.

You got a new job. If you have accepted a position and the work commute is shorter or longer, call us. A significant change in annual mileage could warrant a change in your auto policy. (And that could save or cost you money.)

You bought a new ride. If you’ve purchased or leased a new or used vehicle, your insurance policy needs to be updated. Car dealers are required by law to confirm insurance coverage, but only you can make the necessary changes to your policy to make sure you’re fully protected.

You’re saving a buck with refinancing. When you’re taking advantage of lower interest rates by refinancing your home or vehicle, your policy should be updated to reflect any new mortgagee or lienholder.

Your family’s growing and changing. When you get married or welcome a new baby to the family, the new responsibilities may warrant a change in your home, auto and life insurance coverage.

You’ve bought a little luxury. When you purchase valuables such as a diamond ring or a rare piece of art, you should contact your agent. Your homeowners policy covers personal belongings and furnishings, but higher-valued items may have coverage limitations. An endorsement may be advisable for more costly or unusual items.

You’ve decided to work from home. If you’re starting a business out of your house, let us know. Depending on the equipment and the nature of your work, an endorsement or separate policy may be necessary to protect your investment and liability exposures.

It’s time to retire. Ready to kick back and relax? We can help you maximize the benefits of your retirement plan with a life insurance program.

Leave your front door open……………..

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…………………think about it

On the hook for a college loan? Parents can do something about it…..

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When you co-sign for your child’s college loan it becomes your responsibility to pay it off should that child die. Protect yourself with a $70.00/year ($25,000) life insurance policy for your child through the age of 30. This can also be converted to permanent life insurance (without a medical exam). Get off the hook and do something about it……………

Can this happen to your home?

May 29, 2012 at 5:58 pm | Category: Uncategorized

YES IT CAN………if your grill is on the back deck. I shot this photo Sunday, and you can see on the left side where the fire started by the grill spread up the siding and into the attic area. Henrico firefighters did a great job saving the home and if you looked at the front side there was little evidence of a fire. Fires started by grills are common during the warm weather months and one reason is placement of the grill too close to the vinyl siding. Vinyl siding burns like gasoline once ignited and spreads quickly. All apartment complexes have “no grill” policies on the balconies and decks for this very reason. Could this be your home? Absolutely! Move your grill to an area away from combustibles…….such as your house.

Thinking about a DUI this weekend?

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Memorial Day Weekend heads up! I just read a post about a State Trooper struck by a drunk driver and the consequences of poor judgement. Today we had a customer’s insurance cancelled due to a DUI. Keep in mind most standard insurance companies will cancel your insurance for a DUI, which requires placement with a much more expensive non-standard company. If anyone living in your household gets a DUI (including children or room mate) you could very well be cancelled even if you have a perfect driving record and no claims! Insurance companies don’t want the risk and the lives of victims injured or killed by drunk drivers are changed forever. Don’t drink and drive, explain the consequences of a DUI to your young drivers and pick your room mates carefully.

Love Insurance

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Yes we offer “Love” insurance to protect the most important people in your life. How would your loved ones be provided for if you lost your life. There is never a time too early to obtain life insurance, but there are often times when it can be too late. The longer you wait, the more expensive it is, or a medical condition may make you ineligible for a life insurance policy if you’re thinking of getting it later. One more thing to consider is the multi-policy discount available through ERIE insurance will save some money on your auto & home policies. These savings can offset some of the costs of your life insurance premium.
Give us a call, we can help! 804-269-0797

Neighborhood alert – Residential break ins

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One of our customers, a Henrico police officer stopped by our office today. He advised that nearby homes are being broken into and the thieves are focusing on jewelery. They go straight to the bedrooms and ransack the drawers and closets, then quickly leave the house. In and out in less than 5 minutes makes them hard to catch. He said the Gayton Road area is being targeted and usually the back door is kicked in on houses in Cul-de-sac’s close to main roads. No large items are being taken and everything stolen can fit in a backpack. Some things to consider to protect your personal property: Have a home security system installed and post the signs showing the property is protected. Install deadbolts on your back doors. Create an active neighborhood watch program. Keep your jewelry in another location other than the bedroom. Make sure you’re properly insured for your jewelry. With the price of precious metals today, you may need a current appraisal to ensure proper compensation for a loss. We had a customer who bought a ROLEX watch for $7,000 and it recently appraised for $27,000. Contact your insurance agent to “schedule” your jewelry for proper protection.

Do you own a FORD pick up? Are you missing a tailgate?

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Be on the lookout for a stolen tailgate from a 2008 Ford F-250! We had a client lose a tailgate this week and as it turns out FORD tailgates are commonly stolen and take less than a minute to remove from the truck…..FORD actually has locks on some of the tailgate handles to prevent this…………if you can’t lock yours then pop & lock power tailgate lock is one way you can prevent a theft of your tailgate.

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