Umbrella Policies

If you had a million dollar judgment against you for damages you are found liable for, how would you pay for it?

Or do you have an umbrella policy protecting your assets?

Before you even think about growing your assets you need to protect the assets you currently have.

Depending on the level of coverage you’ve purchased, your auto and homeowners insurance can help cover legal costs if you’re taken to court—for instance, if someone slips and falls in your driveway and blames you, or if you have an auto accident and injure someone else. But how much your policy will cover is limited to the amount stated in your policy. It may not be enough in a legal judgment against you..

To make sure you have adequate coverage consider purchasing an umbrella policy.

A typical umbrella policy has an annual premium under $200 a year for $1 million or more in coverage. If you haven’t purchased an umbrella policy yet and you have questions. We can help.

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